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Mar-19-2015 01:07 pm


Hi everyone!  If you love Sister Claire and like supporting LGBTA+ creators, please consider pledging to our Patreon!  Our patrons get exclusive concept art, wallpapers, stories, even cameos in the comic!  Our monthly Patreon pledges also help us do public livestreams, live-writing sessions, and tutorials:  so much excellence, month after month! Right now there are still a few slots open for custom stories and cameos in the comic! Check em out!
Why should you support Sister Claire, you ask?  It’s a fun, weird, wonderful comic featuring battle nuns, Witches, blue toilet angels, and lots of LGBTA+ characters, that’s why!  Not to mention it’s created by the amazing wife-wife team of Yamino and Ash!
Even a buck or two helps us tremendously.  Please check out the comic and our Patreon, and help us keep making the magic happen.
Yamino and Ash
P.S. If you can’t spare any change, signal boosting, reblogging, or telling your friends about the comic are a great help, too. <3

New Livedraw videos and Livewrite!

Mar-16-2015 12:02 pm


I uploaded 4 new videos of my latest livedraws, joined by Ash (and occasionally our friend Sarah!) There are 3 videos of my process working on this month’s Patreon wallpaper of Marguerite and Magpie, and one of me designing Ash’s gemsona, Labradorite! Check ‘em out!

Ash also hosted an excellent livewrite session which resulted in what is probably the funniest (and my favorite) livewrite so far: Olga babysitting young twins and Claire. Give it a read!

If you like what you see, consider supporting our Patreon for cool backer rewards!


New Livedraw videos and Livewrite logs!

Mar-02-2015 05:47 pm

I've just posted three new livedraw recordings! In them, I designed two new characters, Magpie and Zora. I also designed a new outfit for Gabrielle!

Check out the videos on our official Youtube channel!

Ash has also been busy doing livewrites for fun and for Patreon! You can see some never-before-seen stories about certain characters, glimpses into the past, and the introduction of Magpie and Zora!

One:  featuring Henry Jackson and Zora Hurst; Gabby/Sal/Clementine; Marguerite; Yolanda

Two:  featuring Henry Jackson and Zora Hurst; Gabrielle and Catharine; Olga and Oscar; Abraham

Three:  featuring Henry Jackson and Zora Hurst; Yolanda; Azi; Maman and Clementine

Four:  featuring Claire and Marie

Five:  featuring Rosalie and Marie

Six:  featuring Abraham
Seven: featuring Maman and Queen Sylvia

Hope you enjoy these as much as we enjoyed making them. Thanks to all who joined us for these sessions! Keep an eye out on Twitter, Tumblr, Deviantart, Facebook, or our Patreon feed to get notified about the next livedraws and livewrites! You can chat with us while we work, as questions, and have a grand ol' time. <3

These streams are possible because of donators on Patreon. Please consider supporting us!

New Livedraw videos!

Feb-03-2015 12:07 pm

 If you missed this month’s livedraw sessions, not to fear! I just uploaded them to our Youtube channel.  Check ‘em out!

Livewrite and Livedraw!

Jan-31-2015 09:38 am

 Livewrite and Livedraw tonight!

Hi everyone, Ash here! Please join me for a live-writing session tonight (1/31) at 7 PM EST on GoogleDocs! Click and save the link below:

You can ask me questions, talk to one another in the chat, and watch me write! It’ll be funny and fun and fantastic! And this is a rare treat, dear readers: you’ll get to watch me write a story about Olga and Jackson, specially requested by one of our Patrons from Patreon! She has graciously agreed to let me write it publicly, despite that these stories are usually exclusive to the Patrons who pledge for them. HOT DOG!

Also, Yamino here! Directly following Ash’s livewrite tonight, I’ll be livestreaming a coloring tutorial, continuing where my last one left off! 
My stream will start at 8pm EST here:
Hope to see you there!

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