New site layout!

Jul-26-2014 10:31 pm

Hey all! You may have noticed the site looks different. A little... shinier.  A little... easier to navigate??

After months of collecting reader suggestions and debating with our techs, we hope we've come up with a solution to the difficulties readers were having navigating Missing Moments VS Comics. (You can thank Erin of Metacarpolis for making this new design a reality!)

Here's the rundown:

Lastly, I've had a few people complain that the RSS feed isn't working properly for them and only shows Missing Moment updates. Please leave a comment here or email our tech with details (what you are using to read the RSS, your operating system, etc) and we'll fix it ASAP!

Let us know what you think about the new layout!

Jul-02-2014 11:01 pm

 I tried something a little weird today. For a bit over a year I’ve been really interesting in finding out how to print on glitter paper, ever since Ash brought home this old glittery Sailor Moon poster.  You see this kind of printing all the time on product packaging and stuff. There is printable glitter paper, but my problem is that I need there to be opaque white in the image, which no printer I’ve found can do.

I’ve seen people do similar effects using screenprinting, which I may try once/if I get access to facilities.

This was just a really cheap and dirty thing I threw together in Ash’s office today. I printed an old lineart sketch onto a transparent overlay. On the reverse side, I did some crappy coloring with whatever highlighters I could find laying around her desk, and then slathered some areas with white-out. (Sort of like an old-fashioned painted cel.) Then I turned the overlay over and glued it to the glitter paper. It’s super-rough, but it shows that this technique could work!

If I can’t find a way to print these, I may hand-paint some (with more sophisticated tools and technique, of course!) in the future for cons/online store.

Some sketches!

Jun-13-2014 11:15 am

Drawing the accompanying illustrations for the Missing Moments (writte by my wife, Ash!) has been really fun.  Here are some extra drawings!  First off, a fullbody drawing of younger Jackson before she became a nun, with her bellbottom overalls: 

And this drawing is set after the end of this Missing Moment:



May-23-2014 05:45 am


Ash and I will be selling Claire comics and Missing Moment books at Animazement all weekend! Come see us at table A03!

We’ll also be selling a lot of prints, and of course the Sister Claire Book 1 and Missing Moments book 1! Hope to see you there!

Happy Easter!

Apr-20-2014 09:46 am

 From the real life Grimm and Claire. <3

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