Come see us at Animazement!

May-22-2015 12:00 am


If you’re going to Animazement, please stop by our table and say hi! We found a couple rogue boxes of Sister Claire Book 1, and of course we’ll also have lots of prints.  <3  Hope to see you this weekend!

Youtube Makeover!

Apr-24-2015 08:52 pm


It took me literally all day long, but I went through and added nicer thumbnails to all our videos!


Please check out our Youtube channel if you haven’t already!


Site Redesign!

Apr-22-2015 03:53 pm

It’s about time for another site redesign on!  We now have a lot more things we need to link to (Patreon, Picarto, Livewrites, Youtube, etc) as well as a general need to make the comic and Missing Moments easier to understand and navigate.  Here’s some rough concepts I came up with today!

Feel free to toss in any suggestions, as site design isn’t my forte.

Livedraw tonight!

Apr-22-2015 02:35 pm

Join me, Ash, and Sarah for a livedraw tonight at 9:00pm EST!

Patreon Postcards

Apr-06-2015 07:54 pm

 Did y’all know that by pledging to our Patreon, you can not only get access to exclusive wallpapers, personalized illustrated stories, but also get postcards from me and Ash delivered right to your door?

Check it out. <3


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