Posted October 15, 2018 at 02:27 am

Let us introduce us to today's OC's!

Thank you once again, Sally Grymkin, for helping reunite Helly Kitty and Holy Kitty!! Y'all might remember Holy Kitty back from Book One; Hell Kitty hadn't shown up before, but now they're finally together again. Thanks to Sally's creator, Francesco "Ray" Villani.

Next! Our handsome fish paddle vendor is Hazel Piper and she's Sodonelite's OC! However, the person who sponsored her cameo at Bright Night was Dreaming Hero! (You guys remember her OC Eulander from a couple pages back?) Hazel's an animal witch, so you can rest assured the fishies are very well cared for. You can see more of Sodonelite's art right here:

And the lovely lady in an yukata is Naosu, a Witch with minor healing abilities of Japanese descent. Or, as we'd say in the SC fire, of Fire Islands descent! She was created by Zacolyn, who you can find right here: