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posted Nov-26-2014 at 07:47 pm

 This is a two-parter! Next half is coming on Tuesday. See you then, and happy Thanksgiving!

Sister Claire: Book 1 reprint!

Nov-27-2014 07:37 pm

Ash and I are going back together and revising Sister Claire: Book One in preparation for the reprint.  We are updating artwork (it's incredible how much my art has improved in six years), refining dialogue (this is much easier with a writer onboard), and even adding in extra pages (ooh la la)!

Why the changes?  Sister Claire has come a long way since its first inception as a college class project in 2007.  I've grown a lot as an artist in the meantime and what began as a solo endeavor is now a team adventure:  Ash wasn't officially around for the first printing of Book One, but now she's here and helping to round off the story's rougher edges.  Hand in hand, we're making Sister Claire the comic I've always wanted to show you all.       

Putting our heads together, we're taking the opportunity now to include never-before-seen scenes that will better foreshadow important events, showcase character relationships earlier in the story, and improve Sister Claire's worldbuilding in general.  We hope to be finished with the lion's share of these edits by Christmas:  our gift from us to you.

We are so grateful to you, our readers, for visiting our site every day, for sending us questions and compliments and fanart, for commenting on each and every page.  Thank you so much.  We wouldn't know what to do without you.

Yamino and Ash

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