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posted Dec-18-2014 at 04:19 pm

That's it for this this week! See you on Monday for the continuation of this Missing Moment!

Just to reiterate, we are now taking comic submissions! Here's the info:

Sister Claire is asking for guest comics to feature during the week of December 29-January 2.  Submissions are due by Sunday, December 28, and should be sized at 750 x 1125 pixels.  (Yamino draws her original images at 10 x 15 inches at 300 dpi.)
Rules:  no porn, extreme violence, or gratuitous insertion of OCs.
Optional Theme:  winter!  Snow, ice, and white foggy breath:  family, blankets, warmth, candlelight.  Aspen and pine:  good smells, good spirits, good books.  Good company.

Go for it!

Submit your pages here! (Multiple pages are allowed, too!)

November Patreon Update!

Dec-05-2014 08:36 pm

 The first Sister Claire Patreon update is here! If you’re a lucky patron, check out the November goods:

If you’re not yet a patron, check out our Patreon anyway and find out what you’re missing: wallpapers, concept art, and more! If you pledge now, you can have access to all these things and more next month!

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