Someday... we'll shine together... 

photo from Tumblr


Hey y’all!

The next comic page will be up a little later today!

I will do a livestream of my work on it on my Twitch, so if you aren’t following me already, click the link below to follow and get notified when I go live!

Things have been real hectic here as I approach one week left till the BIG MOVE!  Still so much to pack and mail and sell and say goodbye to.  And the work doesn’t end when I get to the new place!

After tomorrow’s comic page goes up, Sister Claire will take a short break of a few weeks while we get our new house set up.  I’ll try to continue posting as soon as possible, as well as doing Twitch streams when I can.

And as always thank you for all your patience and
support.  It means the world to us!