posted Jun.15.17 at 11:06 pm

Hello guys!! We have an announcement to make regarding updates starting July 3rd.

As some of you may know, Elena hasn’t been feeling so well! She’s been battling a pesky sinusitis that won’t go away, so now she has to undertake minor surgery to get that fixed. She’ll be perfectly all right, but we are SKIPPING UPDATES FOR ONE/TWO WEEKS, to allow her to recover.

So there will not be Comic or Missing Moments updates for at least a week, possibly two. Hopefully, Elena will be feeling better by then! And after that we’ll return as regular.

BUT!! We’re not leaving you guys just hanging ;)

We’ll be taking submissions for Guest Art until July 2nd! All who wish to participate need only send your art, and how you’d best like to be credited (links to any social media, and so on and so forth) to the Sister Claire email:

admin AT

The Guest Art will be showcased in the Comics page (so right here) throughout the week, or weeks.

A few ground rules:

  1. Safe for Workplace only! No full frontal nudity.  Butts are fine.  So are wigs that cover the nips.
  2. No gore.
  3. Fanon characters are welcome, as long as a canon character is also depicted!
  4. Don’t forget to let us know how you’d like to be credited! Include what name you’d like to use, links to social media, etc etc.
  5. There’s no limitation on page number, though we only have two weeks tops to showcase the submissions, so we’d appreciate shorter entries.
  6. For dimensions, get the PSD template for Sister Claire here!  Get the JPEG template for Sister Claire here!
  7. The deadline for submissions is July 2nd!

Ash and Laura will also be cooking up some cool things for that week, so keep posted for future announcements ;)

We can’t wait to see what y’all come up with!!

— The Sister Claire Team