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All right, y’all! It’s nearing December, and you know what it means — Ash and Elena will be away, and Sister Claire will go on a short hiatus! 

From January 1st to January 19th, we’ll be posting Guest Pages!

So now is your time, dear readers! We’re accepting Guest Submissions as of right now! Comics are preferred, but we’ll also be accepting illustrations.


  1. No full frontal nudity.  Butts are fine!  So are wigs that cover the nips.
  2. No gore.
  3. In your email submission, please let us know how to tag you!  What do you want to be called? Is there anything you want linked such as your Tumblr or Deviantart?
  4. If your submission is multiple pages, please attach all pages to the same email.
  5. For dimensions, get the PSD template for Sister Claire here!  Get the JPEG template for Sister Claire here!
  6. We get many asks about this so: the font we use for the Missing Moments is IM FELL DW Pica, 17pt on Photoshop.
  7. The deadline for submissions is December 26th.
  8. Please email your submissions to admin (at) sisterclaire (dot) com!
  9. As for Original Characters: OCs are a-okay, as long as they feature alongside a canon character! OCs that have appeared in canon are considered canon as well.

We can’t guarantee every submission will be featured (that depends on the number of submissions, yadda, yadda), but we do so look forward to seeing your wonderful art!

Get your pens out, dear readers,
The Sister Claire Team