The protagonist! A young nun wanting nothing more than a purpose in life, Claire gets what she wished for... uh-oh.

Favorite Food: Peaches, wood

Likes: Cats, sewing, singing (when she's alone), making new friends

Dislikes: Arguments, needles, haircuts

Affiliation: Novice (Mercy abbey)

Birthday: March 20
Claire's adoptive mother, Catharine has her fair share of secrets.

Favorite Food: Peach biscuits

Likes: Home, hearth, sewing, Oscar

Dislikes: Boats, swimming, the ocean

Affiliation: Sister (Mercy abbey)

Birthday: December 22
A mysterious blue toilet angel, Gabrielle makes a sudden splash into Claire's life.

Favorite Food: Clams

Likes: Claire, teasing Catharine

Dislikes: Clothing, solitude

Affiliation: ???

Birthday: February 14
Noble, kind, and somewhat sparkly, Oscar fiercely protects those important to her.

Favorite Food: Chocolate croissant

Likes: Sweets, flowers, soap, Catharine

Dislikes: Injustice, cruelty, licorice

Affiliation: Sister (Mercy abbey)

Birthday: October 10
The abbey healer, Sister Marguerite seems to harbor a not-so-quiet hatred of Claire... how odd.

Favorite Food: Wild berries

Likes: Tea, quiet, books, magpies

Dislikes: Too many to list

Affiliation: Sister (past: Balmbury abbey; current: Mercy abbey)

Birthday: August 22
A skilled swordswoman like her mentor, Oscar, Rosalie's somewhat bossy, but she means well!

Favorite Food: Pear tarts, chocolate mints

Likes: Fencing, praise, using big words

Dislikes: Being second-best

Affiliation: Sister (Mercy abbey)

Birthday: June 11
A dedicated soul who just wants everyone to, like, be happy, Marie's sweet and usually mistaken for stupid.

Favorite Food: Pear tarts, cherry fizz

Likes: Pink, pretty things, the wind in her hair, being up high

Dislikes: Conflict, the dark, being alone

Affiliation: Sister (Mercy abbey)

Birthday: June 11
A former Helsing turned teacher, Olga's strong... in the real way.

Favorite Food: Smoked meat

Likes: Beer, reading, writing, teaching, Jackson

Dislikes: Willful ignorance

Affiliation: Sister (past: Helsing abbey; current: Mercy abbey)

Birthday: August 10
Friendly but ferocious, this lady packs a thunderous wallop!

Favorite Food: Blueberry hotcakes

Likes: Campfire songs, faeries, rainy days, Olga

Dislikes: Being thrown off her groove

Affiliation: Sister (Mercy abbey)

Birthday: April 24
Lupo burns with a desire to both prove himself and to right past wrongs.

Favorite Food: Duck

Likes: Puppies, cool outfits, impressing his family

Dislikes: Helsing nuns, tight spaces, beets

Affiliation: Witch (Wolfwitch)

Birthday: July 22
Azi is often considered by her pack to be far more capable than her big brother Lupo.

Favorite Food: Her mother's curry

Likes: Making her parents proud, full moons, chasing rabbits

Dislikes: Keeping secrets, hiding, lying

Affiliation: Witch (Wolfwitch)

Birthday: January 1
For this half-goblin head of the Mercy abbey, easy running an Order is not, but do it someone must.

Favorite Food: Artichoke tea

Likes: Gardening, being carried

Dislikes: Being shorter than literally everyone else

Affiliation: Mother ( Mercy abbey)

Birthday: January 24
The leader of the Helsing abbey, the current dominant Order among nuns.

Favorite Food: Tea, tomatoes

Likes: Reading, wild beasts, storms

Dislikes: Chewing

Affiliation: Mother (Helsing abbey)

Birthday: October 31
A mysterious figure with painful ties to the pasts of many.

Favorite Food: ???

Likes: ???

Dislikes: ???

Affiliation: ???

Birthday: ???