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Book 1

Chapter 1
Young novice Sister Claire wants a purpose in life. Careful what you wish for, Claire!

Chapter 2
Claire meets Gabrielle, a mysterious blue toilet angel. No, really!

Chapter 3
A mysterious figure from the past comes creeping back into Claire's life.

Chapter 4
The past may pack a punch, but so do the Sisters of Mercy!

Chapter 5
Gabrielle provides a brief respite from Claire's woes.

Chapter 6
Conflicted feelings arise in her heart as Claire learns more about the enduring conflict between Witches and nuns.

Chapter 7
Claire's resolve is tested.

Chapter 8
The person most precious to Claire comes under fire, and Claire makes an important (and dangerous) decision.

Chapter 9
Is Sister Claire a Sister after all?

Book 2

Chapter 1
The Sisters of Mercy react in the aftermath of Claire's decision.

Chapter 2
Jackson and her group run into trouble while Claire adjusts to her new life.

Chapter 3
Lupo is given a mission.

Chapter 4
Claire is forced to dive into the depths of a desperate situation.

Chapter 5
Olga reaches a compromise with an unlikely ally.

Chapter 6
Claire's past finally catches up.

Chapter 7
Secrets are exposed, the truth talks, and Claire learns more about herself than she ever really wanted to know.

Chapter 8
Jackson's group visits a forgotten place.

Chapter 9
A reunion.

Book 3

Chapter 1
A group of witches hides in the mountains.

Chapter 2
Claire reflects on her goals, and an old family conflict erupts unexpectedly.

Chapter 3
Forgotten memories return.

Chapter 4
Claire and her companions arrive at Bright Night.

Chapter 5
A visit to the Helsing Abbey doesn't go according to plan.

Chapter 6
Fire catches.

Chapter 7
Despite Claire's best efforts, tragedy strikes.

Chapter 8
It's time to go home.

Chapter 9
No one knows what to expect in the Rose City.

Missing Moments

La Scoperta (THE DISCOVERY):
Catharine brings a new life into the Mercy abbey.

Incontro (MEETING):
The Sisters of Mercy examine their newest member.

Streghetta (LITTLE WITCH):
Claire has some trouble at school.

Maestra (TEACHER):
Catharine takes over Claire's lessons.

La Dottoressa (THE DOCTOR):
Claire pays a late visit to Sister Marguerite.

Piccola Assistente (LITTLE ASSISTANT):
Claire helps Sister Marguerite with her chores.

Fuoco (FIRE):
Sister Marguerite finds comfort from an unexpected source.

Donna del Laghetto (LADY OF THE LITTLE LAKE):
The abbey sees a midnight visitor.

La Storia dei Fiori (THE STORY OF THE FLOWERS):
Catharine soothes Claire to sleep with a bedtime story.

Il Viaggio (THE JOURNEY):
Claire and Catharine venture beyond the abbey's borders.

La Signora Blu (THE BLUE LADY):
Claire meets a special friend.

Il Rimprovero (THE REPRIMAND):
Catharine does not approve, Gabrielle.

Mostri (MONSTERS):
Olga tells Claire about the dangers of the world.

La Visita (THE VISIT):
Two certain someones come to keep sick little Claire company.

L'Ombra nel Frutteto (THE SHADOW IN THE ORCHARD):
Oscar and Claire make an unpleasant discovery in the orchard.

Pezzi Rotti (BROKEN PIECES):
Sister Jackson talks to the children about Shards.

L'Amico Oscuro (THE DARK FRIEND):
Claire's loving heart burns away the darkness.

Prima Vista (FIRST SIGHT):
Olga meets someone important.

Nuovo Terreno (NEW GROUND):
Jackson and Olga become friends.

Olga demonstrates her fortitude.

Piccole Luci (LITTLE LIGHTS):
Olga makes a confession.

Sempre Piu Vicini (GETTING CLOSER):
Oscar has very bad timing.

Scoperte! (DISCOVERIES!):
A threat goes nowhere.

Addio, Mia Cara (FAREWELL, MY DEAR):
Olga is forced to depart the Mercy abbey.

Vecchi Amici, Nuovi Amici (OLD FRIENDS, NEW FRIENDS):
In Olga's absence, Jackson learns more about the other nuns at Mercy.

I Bambini Piangono (THE CHILDREN CRY):
A visitor at the gate spells disaster for some.

Discussioni Profonde (DEEP DISCUSSIONS):
Jackson and Mother Yolanda speak frankly to one another.

Lettere (LETTERS):
Jackson and Olga correspond.

Disastro (DISASTER):
Things go awry as the abbey receives an unwelcome guest.

Things heat up at Mercy.

Ritorno (RETURN):
A familiar face returns to Mercy.

Assistenza (ASSISTANCE):
Catharine lends Oscar a hand.

Nascosto (HIDDEN):
Secrets hurt.

Ponte (BRIDGE):
The season turns, and healing happens.

Cerbiatto (FAWN):
Sister Marguerite writes a letter.

Naufrago (CASTAWAY):
The tide turns up something unusual.

Nomi (NAMES):
Oscar learns something about her new friend.

Perso e Ritrovato (LOST AND FOUND):
The water washes away something precious.

Riflessione (REFLECTION):
Oscar tells Catharine something important.

Cappucci (HOODS):
Catharine has a bad reaction.

Nuova Famiglia (NEW FAMILY):
Apologies mend hurt hearts.

Festa della Regina (THE QUEEN'S FESTIVAL):
Catharine and Oscar take a friend out for fun.

Fratelli (SIBLINGS):
Lupo learns to cope. He has help.

Il Re e la Regina (THE KING AND THE QUEEN):
The children come face to face with the rulers of Thronum Mare.

La Donna alla Porta (THE LADY AT THE DOOR):
Maman receives a guest.

Il Suo Cuore (HER HEART):
Ooh la la.

Forma (SHAPE):
Catharine gives Oscar a gift.

Oscar competes in the city's annual swords tournament.

La Ragazza nelle Foglie (THE GIRL IN THE LEAVES):
Magpie unearths an upsetting surprise.

Volo (FLIGHT):
The flock makes a journey.

Nido (NEST):
Home, home, home.

Parlando (TALKING):
Lark shows Clementine that there's more than one way to speak.

La Voce nel Bosco (THE VOICE IN THE WOODS):
Whispers rustle between the trees.

La Fattoria (THE FARM):
The star at the top of the map.

La Mano Pesante (THE HEAVY HAND):
Clementine helps someone who needs it... and pays a hefty price.

Sonno (SLEEP):
The season slips away.

Un Parere Professionale (A PROFESSIONAL OPINION):
Sister Marguerite's expert advice is needed.

Maree (TIDES):
Clementine can't swim... yet.

Onde (WAVES):
Bitter memories bubble up.

Una Luce Brillante (A BRIGHT LIGHT):
The sun rises.

Voci (RUMORS):
What's true? What's not?

Sorelle (SISTERS):
At last, together again.

Riunione (REUNION):
Catching each other: catching up.

La Marea Ritorna (THE TIDE RETURNS):
A missing piece notches back into place.

Lamento della Regina (THE QUEEN'S LAMENT):
Oh, Sylvia.

Mamma, Mamma (MOTHER, MOTHER):
A light goes out.

Un'Altra Madre (ANOTHER MOTHER):
From beyond stone and sea, a familiar face.

Canzoni del Cuore (SONGS OF THE HEART):
Hearts glow.

Prospettiva (PERSPECTIVE):
A difficult farewell.

Chiudilo! (CLOSE IT!):
Clementine has much yet to learn.

Una Visita Breve (A SHORT VISIT):
Even nuns have mothers.

Distanza (DISTANCE):
Crossing distances in ink.

Acqua in Rialzo (RISING WATERS):
An ill-fated expedition.

Non Svegliarle (DON'T WAKE THEM):
Let them sleep.

Abazzia di Helsing (THE HELSING ABBEY):
Abraham's home in the snow.

Primo Quarto (FIRST QUARTER):
A glimpse into Olga's past.

Gibbosa Crescente (GIBBOUS MOON):
The seeds of tragedy are sown.

Luna Piena (FULL MOON):
The fever spreads.

Gibbosa Calante (WANING GIBBOUS):
Help is sought.

Ultimo Quarto (LAST QUARTER):
Abraham intervenes.

Luna Nuova (NEW MOON):

I Rifiuti (THE TRASH):
Someone else's treasure.

Parole Pesanti (HEAVY WORDS):
Abraham's warning.

Espira (EXHALE):
Maman's plea.

Notes (NOTE):

Is all really well in the Rose City?

Quelli Che Aspettano (THOSE WHO WAIT):
A quiet moment for the Queen.

Est (EAST):
Something long forgotten.

Ingranaggi (GEARS):
New friends; new encounters.

Salita (ASCENT):
The sun returns.

Luce, Dopo (LIGHT, AFTER):
Light has weight.

Nascita (BIRTH):
A joyous occasion for the Royal Family.

L'Arrivo (ARRIVAL):
A weary family finds shelter.

Lezioni (LESSONS):
Growing up in an unfriendly world.

Lungo La Strada (UP THE ROAD):
Rosalie invites Claire for her first ever solo mission.

Voti (VOWS):
Rosalie's patrol leads her to a dangerous place.

Decisione (DECISION):
Is it at last time to leave?

Una Nuova Maestra (A NEW TEACHER):
A night time adventure might just be the cure to a sleepless night.

Con La Calma Si Fa Tutto (EASY DOES IT):
Jackson shares her childhood memories.

Due per la Gioia (TWO FOR JOY):
Marie meets a very special Witch.

Disfatto (UNDONE):
It started with the children.

A decision made in haste.

La Chiamata (THE CALL):
A cry for help.

Dimenticando (FORGETTING):
Memories fade away.

Bloccato (STUCK):
The last person to forget is too the person who forgot the most.

Corri (RUN):
Hanabi meets a new threat.

Rami in Fiamme (BURNING BRANCHES):
Raksha is too late to help a friend.

La Notte Piu Lunga (THE LONGEST NIGHT):
Remember happiness.

Arriva la Primavera (SPRING IS COMING):
The first day of Spring.

In Un Posto Nuovo (SOMEWHERE NEW):
Young Marguerite travels somewhere she's never been before.

Biglietto Vincente (WINNING TICKET):
A chance meeting changes Marguerite's life forever.

Malvone (HOLLYHOCK):
Magpie comes back.

Preludio (PRELUDE):
Maman receives a worrying letter.

Gelsomino (JASMINE):
Clementine is home again.

Sorelle, di Nuovo (SISTERS, AGAIN):
Catharine comes home to a much awaited surprise.

Sorelle, Un'altra (SISTERS, ANOTHER):
Another sister to greet.

Il Matrimonio (THE MARRIAGE):
Wedding bells.

Penna, Spada (PEN, SWORD):
Oscar puts down her thoughts.

Ad Astra (TO THE STARS):
Clementine shares her plans with Catharine.

Rivoluzione (REVOLUTION):
Clementine shares her plans with the Royals.

Porto (HARBOR):
Gabby looks for shelter.

Il Passaggio (THE PASSAGE):
Clementine's plan is about to be launched.

La Colonia Caduta (THE FALLEN COLONY):
Thronum Mare's fallen colony.