Posted September 4, 2016 at 11:47 pm


For the month of September, we will only be updating with comic pages on Mondays. Why, you ask? 

We are no longer reaching our twice-weekly comic update milestone on Patreon.

To be clear, we’re no longer making $1000/month on Patreon. For a couple of months now we’ve been hovering just below the $1000 mark, and while we’ve continued the double updates despite being not quite where we needed to be, it’s not sustainable for us to go on doing that! 

Sister Claire is an enormous part of our livelihood, dear readers. When we’re making $1000 or more a month on Patreon, we’re financially able to devote the time to Elena doing two comic pages a week. When we don’t hit that mark, Elena has to seek out other projects to help keep us clothed, sheltered, and supplied with copious amounts of bubble tea.

Do you want your twice-weekly comic page updates back? Help us reach our milestone goal again! 

If you haven’t yet pledged to our Patreon, please consider doing so! You’ll get so many goodies! Our Patrons receive early updates, concept art, access to progress sketches, cool wallpapers, postcards, special stories, cameo characters… and soon we’re gonna be making our Patreon even better by rolling out a special NSFW tier. Hot dog!


Can’t pledge but still want to help? That’s wonderful! Please spread the gospel! Reblog our posts on social media! Tell your friends about Sister Claire! And as always and ever, dear readers, stick with us. Enjoy the story (or tell us if we break your hearts). Leave us comments, tell us your thoughts, and stay in touch: you make our world go ’round.

Yamino and Ash