Posted April 27, 2020 at 11:08 am

Chapter 7 is coming to an end! Friday will be the last page of this chapter. Shortly after, we’ll be taking a Two Weeks Planning Hiatus to work on Chapter 8.

During this pause, we’ll be accepting Guest Art! They will run May 4-May 15.

If you would like your art featured, we’re accepting submissions! Click the read more for all the rules, and we can’t wait to see everyone’s work ;D

          1. No full frontal nudity.  Butts are fine!  So are wigs that cover the nips.

          2. No gore.

          3. In your email submission, please let us know how to tag you!  What do you want to be called, and what pronouns? Is     there anything you want linked such as your Tumblr or Deviantart?

          4. If your submission is multiple pages, please attach all pages to the same email. Also, we do request shorter stories,     to make sure everyone has their turn!

          5. For dimensions, get the PSD template for Sister Claire here!  Get the JPEG template for Sister Claire here!

          6. The font we use for the Missing Moments is IM FELL DW Pica, 17pt on Photoshop. 

          7. The deadline for submissions is May 4th.

          8. Please email your submissions to admin (at) sisterclaire (dot) com!

          9. As for Original Characters: OCs are a-okay, as long as they feature alongside a canon character! OCs that have     appeared in canon are considered canon as well.