Posted April 27, 2016 at 08:03 pm

Hi everyone,

Lots of people were asking in the comments yesterday what Captain Joséphine looks like.  I loved all the theories!  Here she is officially, in all her glory:  Oscar's boss and Marianne's wife, Captain Joséphine Kishimoto!

Another note:  the Drifter well-wishing magick described in this Missing Moment was conceived of by Marianne's creator, Laura, and if you think it's super cool, you oughta tell Laura so in the comments!  Thank you, Laura!  I feel really delighted and privileged to have gotten to use it for this part of the story, and let me tell y'all, I wish it was a real thing, well-wishing.  I wish there was a way to push good thoughts into things to send to the people we love who live far away, all to make sure those people we love have warm feet, nice dreams, pleasant bus rides, excellent breakfasts and, as always, fabulous hair.


PS:  Thank you too to Elena, who designed Joséphine for me at the last minute because she is great, and that distant tinny shriek you hear is nothing to worry about, I promise, it's just me internally screaming forever.