Posted March 7, 2017 at 11:37 pm

Beloved Sister Claire readers!

Do you like to cook, bake, or just play around in the kitchen?

Would you like a special, one-of-a-kind watercolor artwork or sketch from Yamino?

If your answer to both above questions is yes, HOT DOG!  You’ll be happy to know that we’re having a SISTER CLAIRE COOKING CONTEST!

How to participate:

  • Cook, bake, assemble, or somehow craft with food one of your favorite things from the Sister Claire universe!  This favorite thing can be a character, a place, an object, or even a Sister Claire-oriented theme.  Get creative!
  • Take a picture of your finished creation!  Bonus points if you also include photos of your process.  We’d love to see your craftsmanship in action!
  • Either post the picture of your finished creation to your own Tumblr blog under the #Sister Claire tag or submit it to the Sister Claire Tumblr blog, along with a brief description of your creation, the ingredients, and why you chose to make who/what you did!  (Example:  “This is Sister Oscar!  She’s made of celery and edible glitter.  I made her because she is my favorite character, and because she sparkles a lot, which is awesome.”)

We will be reblogging or posting every submission we receive!  

Submit your entries by March 11, 2017.  We will number the entries as we receive them, place all those numbers in a hat, and draw THREE RANDOM WINNERS from the hat on March 12, 2017, to be announced with the comic page the following day! 

The first winner drawn will receive the watercolor artwork.  The other two winners will receive their choice of either a hand-drawn or digital sketch by Yamino!



Yamino and Ash