Posted November 6, 2017 at 07:00 pm

A brand new Missing Moment begins!

And we have a couple of announcements:

First, the Sister Claire Hivemills Store has new prints! We have many of the Patreon-exclusive wallpapers, that everyone can now buy as a glorious print for a small price~~

We have Christmas prints, Halloween prints, Pride prints, and cats everywhere. We even have the two versions of the OT4 Wallpaper: the happy one that Elena originally drew and the horribly heart-wrenching one that everyone in the chat asked for. Y'all have no one to blame but yourselves.

Speaking of the Hivemills store, we have been considering putting up mugs with the art for the Sister Claire Tea Sets! Which y'all should also check out. Would that be a thing you'd be interest on, dear readers?

The Live Schedule has also been updated! If anyone's wondering why the regular Livedraw and the NSFW Livedraw are scheduled for the same day, that is not a typo. We'll be hosting one after the other. As always, the regular Livedraw is open for all, and $12+ Patrons will be getting the links to the NSFW Livedraw.

See y'all tomorrow for the next MiMo page ;)