Posted September 23, 2021 at 12:33 am

Hi all! Ash here!

It's been a while, huh? Over the past few months I know y'all haven't seen me much. Missing Moments have been on pause. I've not been doing livewrites either, or much writing in general, and I wanted to take a sec to tell y'all why, because it's important for you to hear it.

I needed to let the well fill up again.

A wonderful writer friend (and mentor!) of mine has this saying: always leave something in the well for later. When they said that to me years ago, I knew instantly what it meant and I took it to heart, because... when you're really feeling something, writing-wise, or even when you're really not and you want to do it anyway, you want to get it down, it's like taking a cup and filling it with some of yourself, some of your soul, and pouring it out. Effort! Creativity! Time, patience, spinning a story, planning it out: pour, pour, pour.

Carrying that metaphor along... several months ago, I dipped my cup down deep and only came up with a little. I could have kept going! I wanted to keep going. Honestly I felt a bit like if I didn't keep going, no one would like me anymore, or would think less of me for not pushing through, for not digging deeper. A lot of my self-worth is tied into my writing and whether people read it and enjoy it, for better or worse. The idea of stopping hurt like blazes.

But I did stop, as hard as it was and as much as it hurt. I let the well fill back up. I waited until I felt like I could write again without scraping the bottom, and here I am, and I'm very glad for your patience.

Thank you for sticking around, dear hearts.