Posted February 6, 2018 at 12:07 am

Now where have we seen this place before...

Hey guys! Another announcement! 

So regular Livewrite peeps will know we are experiencing an issue with Google Docs. After a recent update, it won't let guests into the chat aymore, unless they have been invited to the document by email. 

As the whole point of the Lives is for you guys to hang out and chat and enjoy yourselves, that was!! Very annoying!!

What we are testing out now is having a single Google Docs in which all Livewrites will be written from now on. This one!

And if you would like to come to the chat and hang and talk and ask questions: simply send us your email address, and we'll issue you an invitation! You may send it to us via the SC mail ( or the SC Tumblr (

If you'd just like to watch Ash write, simply use the link as usual, and you can sit back and enjoy the show.

We'll be seeing how that works, so feel free to send us your feedback!! And check out the Lives Schedule, because we have Lives coming up very soon!

See you tomorrow!!