What's Sister Claire about?
Rife with nuns, Witches, magick, werewolves, cats, giant robot mechas, and blue angels who pop out of toilets to announce approaching apocalypses, Sister Claire is the story of a young woman who leaves her quiet abbey to undergo a rigorous journey across a monster-riddled wilderness. On this journey, Claire begins to assemble the jigsaw puzzle of her past, present, and future, all while facing terrible dangers, finding new friends, and trying to save her found family from certain doom. Hot dog!

I see you have two kinds of updates.
That's right! The comic updates Mondays and Fridays, and the Missing Moments update Tuesday through Thursday.

What's the difference between the comic and the Missing Moments?
The comics follow the current adventures of Claire and other characters. Missing Moments focus on events that happened prior to the events of the comic. Comics are full-page color illustrations. Missing Moments are done in an illustrated storybook style.

What should I read first?
Start with the comic! After you've finished those, go back and read the Missing Moments. Once you've gotten caught up with both, try to read them as they come out, because we try to have the Missing Moments correspond somewhat to what's happening on current comic pages. Careful readers will be able to spot interesting clues and connections between the two, and potentially predict where the story's going.

So I need to read the Missing Moments for the story to make sense?
The comic can stand alone, but you won't get the full story unless you read the Missing Moments. Think of it this way: the Lord of the Rings trilogy is fine, but isn't it great if you also read The Hobbit too?

Is this a religious comic?
Not even remotely. These nuns aren't your typical nuns.

Is this comic family-friendly?
We try to keep things PG-13. We put trigger warnings for blood and explicit situations on pages, and readers always have the option to click away. Mature/sexual situations are sometimes implied but are never explicit.

I have a question that's not answered here!
Fear not, dear reader! Ping us on our social media!

I love your work! How can I help you continue to do what you do?
Thank you, dear heart! There are a few things that really help us:
  • Please consider pledging to our Patreon. We appreciate any and all support!
  • Please turn off ad-blocking programs when browsing our site. Our revenue comes from ads!
  • Lastly, if you think someone you know would like our comic, feel free to spread the gospel!

Read the comic from the beginning!

Read the Missing Moments from the beginning!