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posted Dec-16-2014 at 11:35 pm
Hi everyone!
Have you always wanted to see your name done up in heavenly lights?  Now’s your chance!
Sister Claire is asking for guest comics to feature during the week of December 29-January 2.  Submissions are due by Sunday, December 28, and should be sized at 750 x 1125 pixels.  (Yamino draws her original images at 10 x 15 inches at 300 dpi.)
Rules:  no porn, extreme violence, or gratuitous insertion of OCs.
Optional Theme:  winter!  Snow, ice, and white foggy breath:  family, blankets, warmth, candlelight.  Aspen and pine:  good smells, good spirits, good books.  Good company.

Go for it!

Submit your pages here! (Multiple pages are allowed, too!)

November Patreon Update!

Dec-05-2014 08:36 pm

 The first Sister Claire Patreon update is here! If you’re a lucky patron, check out the November goods:

If you’re not yet a patron, check out our Patreon anyway and find out what you’re missing: wallpapers, concept art, and more! If you pledge now, you can have access to all these things and more next month!

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