As the youngest nun in her abbey, Claire is very naive and desperately wants to prove herself.  Unfortunately, she doesn’t seem to be very skilled at anything, and feels like a burden to the rest of her Sisters.  Claire’s biggest weakness kittens.

When a self-proclaimed Angel explodes out of the toilet and tells Claire she’s to be the mother of the next Savior, Claire doesn’t think she’s up to the huge responsibility…



Snowy Snowy

Snowy is Claire’s best friend (other than Sister Catharine.)  Aside from being the most adorable kitten in the world, Snowy seems to have unusual intelligence and foresight for a cat, often helping Claire by alerting her to a dangerous situation, and mot recently, escape from Sister Cat.



Evil Cat??Evil Cat?

This evil-looking cat has been seen stalking around the abbey recently.  it seems to have taken a particular interest in spying on Sister Claire… After stalking Catharine around, Evil Cat attacked her while she was doing a spell in the catacombs, and its evil spirit seems to have transferred to her.




Self-proclaimed angel and Director of Human Relations for G.O.D., this sexy blue lady exploded out of the toilet one evening and informed Claire of her destiny: to be the mother of the new Savior who will prevent an upcoming oblivion.  However, she seemed to be in rather a hurry and didn’t go into much detail on the matter. Gabrielle is mysterious and her intentions are sometimes questionable, but her unthreatening, disarming charisma makes it impossible to distrust her.



Sister Claire’s best friend and mentor; Sister Catharine was the one who found Claire as a baby. Sister Catharine is very cool-headed and kind, but she isn’t above teasing Claire sometimes. She is deathly allergic to cats, which is why Claire is forbidden to play with them. Despite this, Claire has almost killed her by accident several times. Even so, she and Claire share a very strong bond, Claire thinks of Catharine as her mother. Catharine sees herself as Claire’s protector, and has always been there to protect her from the wrath of the older nuns (particularly the malevolent Sister Marguerite.) Catharine was the one who found Claire and brought her into the abbey… or so Claire was told.



Sister CatSister Cat

After doing what seemed like a magical spell in the catacombs of the Abbey, Sister Catharine merged with Evil Cat and turned into a terrifying cat-like version of herself. Her motives are unknown, but it seems that she has already tried but failed to kill Snowy, and now she’s after Claire…

Weapon of Choice: Claws



Quite unlike Sister Catharine, Sister Marguerite seems to have it in for Claire. Sister Marguerite spares no opportunity to punish Claire for every little misstep, often in very cruel but imaginative ways. She seems to have a sixth sense for trouble, and always shows up at the worst possible moment. Her strict reputation has earned her much respect (mostly out of sheer terror) from the younger nuns. Sister Marguerite is one of the 3 heads of the abbey (along with the Mother Superior and Sister Olga) and runs it as if she was still in the War. Marguerite has a sharp tongue and knows how to cut someone with cruel words. Her resentment for Claire stems from her fear of witches ad Witchcraft. She has always had a suspicion about Claire, because she subconsciously reminds her of the leader of the Witches during the war. Not only that, but Claire can’t seem to fit into the abbey like everyone else, and her fondness of cats also strikes Marguerite as highly suspicious!

Weapon of Choice: Nunchacku, seringe



Known for her intelligence and her sexy foreign accent, Olga is a mere Sunday school teacher now but her specialty during the war was her vast experience and knowledge regarding “Heretical forces” (ie the Witches.) Out of all the nuns in the abbey, she is the most widely travelled and comes from another abbey which was destroyed in the War. Although she can be a very gruff and strict teacher, she is not heartless, and volunteers to teach Claire Nun-Fu when none of the other Sisters will. Olga values education above all else and sees to it that Claire learns the full history of the War between the Witches and the Sisters, without sparing any unpleasant details. Her sadistic tendency to literally whip people into shape is both the bane and sometimes secret pleasure of her students.

Weapon of choice: Whip


Rosalie and Marie are so inseparable , one might mistake them for conjoined twins.  In fact, just to save time, the other Sisters refer to them collectively as “RoseMarie.”  They are very upbeat and seem to be followed by a pink aura of sparkles and bubbles.  However, they can occasionally switch to their jarringly serious ‘sukeban‘ mode. They were born with a psychic bond similar to that of the enemy Witches in the war.  They must keep it secret, for fear of being branded as heretics.

Weapons of choice: Pocketknife (Rosalie), Shinai (Marie)



Sister Olga


The Mother superior is a toad-like old woman, but despite her appearance, she is really quite kind and wise.  She may ramble incoherently at times, but behind her gibberish lies a deeper meaning. (One only hopes.)  She sees potential in everything.

Weapon of choice: ?





Sister Agnes is loud, insistent, and has a lot of anger issues. She is often stressed out because of her bladder control problem, which cause her frequent embarrassment. Sister Henrietta, on the other hand, never speaks a word. She and Agnes usually get along like best friends, unless they are both competing for the only working bathroom. In this case it’s every nun for herself.


Serious and determined, this handsome sister has a noble air abut her which attract the attention of younger novices.  She is especially fond of the twins, Sister Rosalie and Marie.

Weapon of Choice: Rapier


Sister CatharineSISTER JACKSON

Sister Jackson likes to state the obvious, but it’s usually because she is one of the few voices of reason and nobody ever seems to listen to her.  While most of the other Sisters are very hard-edged, she tries to consider conflicts in a balanced way.  She’s also an incredible singer.  She can be extremely generous if you’re on her good side, but if you tick her off she won’t let you off easily.




Sister Goldberg has a lot of attitude, but she rarely contributes to conversations other than to add in her own little one-liner comments. In her spare time, she reads trashy magazines and tell the younger nuns they need to eat more.  The general consensus of the Sisters is that she is annoying, noisy, and smells like a grandma.

Weapon of Choice: ?