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Connecticon, Connecticut, CT - July 10-13

Book 1: Chapter 3 – pg.33
posted Jan-29-2009 at 12:00 am

I know I should have made it more obvious, but that IS supposed to be a bible.

What exactly is Sister Catharine’s relationship to Evil Cat!? Is she about to die from a massive allergy attack? And how the hell does a cat know how to write anyway? THIS AND MANY MORE QUESTIONS WILL PROBABLY BE REVEALED… SOMEDAY.

Designing the Shard

Sep-29-2014 01:46 pm


A lot of folks have asked what the influences on the Shard in Sister Claire were.  Shards are born from the energia, pain and raging emotions of people who have died traumatically (usually en masse) so I wanted the creature to look like a a physical manifestation of that.

Many correctly identified the influence of the creatures from Princess Mononoke.  I also wanted it to have a hint of dragon-ness (using my favorite dragon for inspiration) and Ash suggested looking at the eyes in Watership Down to give the creature a truly terrifying, manic look.

This is not the Shard's only form, though. I'm excited to show how it will evolve! 8D

For more info on Shards, check out the Missing Moments! These in particular give some history:

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