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photo from Tumblr


Some oldie art I did a long time ago for a webcomic called Sister Claire during the comics early days.

First one was just a random drawing I did with a newly created character who wielded water guns. Thought it be fun to have a little water fight between Claire and him.

2nd one was for a contest Yamino was holding. Most extensive I’ve drawn for the series so far. Didn’t win but this was due to me finding out about the thing near the deadline and not having time to color it. The title for this one is kinda ironic really: Long and Winding Road. Considering how much the series changed over the years, it’s pretty fitting. Actually thinking about doing a revised version of this one.

3rd was submitted for a guest spot which I have no clue if Yamino used or not. If she didn’t, tis fine. I’m not really proud of this one despite being colored decently (Finally started using those layers =P). I don’t know, I guess it was due to current events going on at the time. Makes it feel dated.

In any case, check out the series. Nine years (at the current), still going and getting more interesting by the day.

I remember these! Lovely as ever. <3